Brutus the rat. Pciture belongs to Don Bluth.

Full Name: Brutus the Rat

Date of Birth: N/A

Occupation: Guard

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black fur

Allies: Justin, Nicodemus, Mrs. Brisby, Rats of NIMH.

Enemies: Mrs. Brisby (formerly), Jenner, NIMH.

Brutus is a minor character in The Secret of NIMH.

First Appearance in The Secret of NIMHEdit

Brutus is first seen in the Rose Bush where he chases away Mrs. Brisby. Afterwards, he is never seen again until the climax of the film.

Other AppearancesEdit

Brutus and Tim

After the scene in the Rose Bush entrance, he is seen at the climax of the film when the Brisby home is sinking in the mud. However, he looks slightly different; his eyes are smaller and his clothes are also different. Additionally, he is not carrying his weapon. After this, he makes an appearance in the second movie. This time, he has more speaking and more screen time.