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The Lee of The Stone is a location in the Secret of NIMH and, more importantly, the final location of Mrs. Brisby 's home.


The Lee of The Stone is the space right behind - and, as such, protected by - a large stone that protrudes from the ground and arches over the cinderblock home in which the Brisby family resides. Because of its size and specific position, it shields their home by being an obstacle in the path of the plow. The placement of the house in The Lee of The Stone protects their home when the farmer plows the field and drives over or crushes other animal dens leaving them homeless or injured. By following the Great Owl's advice to move her house to The Lee of The Stone, with the help of the Rats Mrs. Brisby saved the lives of her children and kept her home from destruction.

Name Meaning[]

The word "Lee", in this context, refers to the space directly behind and downwind of The Stone. "Lee" is an Old English word that means "sheltering space." The phrase "lee of the stone" refers to the fact that the size, shape, and angle of The Stone creates a sheltered space directly behind it that remains dry and protected from the high winds and harsh rains of a seasonal storm. By placing the Brisby's cinderblock home in The Lee of The Stone, it is further protected from the farmer's plow when harvest time comes, because a plow driver will always veer wide around The Stone, rather than through it or over it, so as not to damage the shears of the plow. As the plow veers around The Stone, it will miss (that is, it will not plow right over) anything - not any mouse, nor the little mouse house - if it has been carefully placed in The Lee of The Stone.